Booking Terms and Conditions

Our Policies
Our aim is to provide the very best camping in Croyde, with a good night’s sleep at the top of our agenda. We hope that you understand we must enforce our policies to ensure a well-rested break for all.
– Check-out on departure morning is by 10.30 am (from the pitch and the car park). Late check-out/parking can usually be purchased, subject to availability, please ask Stu for info and price.
– Earliest arrival/check-in is 12:30 p.m. Earlier check-in is usually available by arrangement with Stu for just £5 per hour.
– The latest check-in is 9.00 pm. But please inform us if you are going to arrive after 8 pm.
– We understand that traffic can be bad, so please allow plenty of time to get here safely by 8.00 p.m. if possible and by 9 p.m. at the latest. Please call or text Stu on 07968077192 if you encounter unforeseen issues. Please let us know your ETA especially if it is after 8 pm.
– Sorry, but for other guests’ safety and tranquillity, the latest arrival is 9 pm as under no circumstances will pitching be possible after 10.00 pm
– No dogs. (except guide dogs)
– Sorry, No music or audible TV/RADIO commentary at any time.
– No ball games after 9 p.m.
– No visitors or guests at your pitch at any time.
– No big open fires.
Small raised fire pits can be acceptable but please do not burn ordinary timber.
– Yes, to BBQs and small raised fire pits, with charcoal or man-made (compressed) BBQ logs. Gas/disposable BBQs are also fine. (Please do not burn ordinary timber or logs, which spit sparks, omit noxious smoke, and are bad for the planet.) Please keep the base of your heat at least a foot off the grass. (We have lots of bricks here for this)
– No hen or stag.
– No large groups of young single-sex
party animals
– No groups of under 18-year-olds without at
least 1 parent
-No large, sign written commercial vehicles
Want to get that last day on the beach? A limited number of day tickets can be purchased. Please arrange direct with Stu once you are on site. It may be possible (subject to availability) to pay to park and use the facilities until 6pm (including your pitch if available) or simply book an extra night if you want the pitch, parking and facilities until later (You will have the gate code if you wish to slip out quietly in the night.)

Unacceptable behaviour will (if minor) receive one verbal warning, followed, if repeated and or if serious, by a termination of the booking.

Any termination of the booking will be at the owner/manager’s discretion and will require immediate vacation of the premises without a refund.

We have zero tolerance for any intimidation, threat, harassment, physical or verbal abuse, be that toward staff or other campers. Any such behaviour will immediately terminate the booking without a refund.

A booking will be deemed terminated without a refund if a customer fails to check in before closing (9 P.M.) on the allotted arrival date, without first notifying the campsite.

A booking will be deemed terminated without a refund if the pitch is vacated without notifying the campsite.

Any booking terminated by the campsite will be non-refundable. That pitch will be deemed vacant and re-let by the campsite.

Any customer having had a booking terminated for unacceptable behaviour will not be permitted to return at any time.

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